Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

[PPP] Halloween In August? You Bet!

Get ready! On August 31st a movie hits the theaters, and it promises to be one you won't soon forget. It is written and directed by Rob Zombie and is called Halloween. It looks like the saga of Michael Myers continues. Somehow, I always knew it would.

All of us have a favorite horror movie. It is always the movie that scared the beejeezus out of us and gave us nightmares for a week. That is precisely why we all have to watch them, isn't it? Honestly, the nightmares are the reason I don't watch a lot of horror movies anymore. I am always afraid I will die of a heart attack as I jump three feet out of my seat just as the suspense mounts, the music changes, and the stupid blond goes into the dark room alone when she knows there is something not quite right in there. I think I am getting old. When I was much younger, I saw many of the Halloween movies, and still remember them, and I catch the occasional horror flick now and again despite my fear of instant death.

As I mentioned earlier Rob Zombie wrote and directed this movie. He is an extremely talented individual in many respects, so I am very excited to see what he brings to the silver screen as a writer. More importantly, I am eager to see what he brings to Halloween the movie. I am hopeful that I will finally get to see some of the back story. You know, the parts of the story that lead up to Michael Myers becoming the psychopathic murderer that we have all grown to know, and at one point in our lives have a really bad dream about.

I did watch a few of the trailers, and it seems I may finally get what I always thought was missing. Yes, I know. I am one of those, who have a need to find a reason behind everything. It was never enough for me just know that the murderer was a psychopath, and wanted everyone dead. I always wanted to know why. I will have to wait until August 31st to find out though! I will risk the nightmares!

Here is the trailer for the most recent in the Halloween series. Enjoy! See you at the theater!

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Paul Champagne said...

I love Horror movies ... though if I really want to get scared, I could just walk through downtown at 3AM.