Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Monday, August 13, 2007

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Captain Dramatic and I love those T-shirts with the funny little saying on them. It has become a hobby of CD's to see how many he can amass before he grows out of them. While sitting at my PC one night I had an idea. An idea that took CD's love for shirts with catchy sayings, and he ability to pop-off with strange little sayings all his own, and combined them, somewhat.

I decided to open a store at I have given my husband, who is always on a PC, and who loves to mess around with graphics, the job of making my ideas, based on CD's life, a reality big enough to fit on a T-shirt, hat, or coffee mug. I have added a button in my side bar so you can easily visit my store. I have also placed one at the top and bottom of this blog entry.

I really enjoyed being creative with the shirts, and I hope all of you like them as well. You will recognize some of the sayings from "Ask Captain Dramatic", but there are others. Ok, so not yet, but there will be others. My dear husband is working on about three others now. Some reflect what I say to Captain Dramatic all the time, some reflect ideas that are prominent in this household. We tried to make all of them humorous, or catchy, or both. I will make an announcement here when more have been finished and are ready to be viewed.

My only complaint about this whole process is that only allows me to put one design on one shirt. So, instead of being able to offer all the designs on whichever shirt you choose, I can only have the shirt type up once with whatever design I happened to stick on it at the time. That being said, if there is a design that you like, but it isn't on a shirt you like, let me know. I can switch them around long enough for you to order one if you like. My email address in my profile.

As a side note, I do make some money from the sales, but it isn't much at all. By the time CD is ready for college, I may have made enough money from T-shirt sales to buy him a text book. :P

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Debbie said...

You're braver than I am. I have not started a store. I guess I'm afraid no one would want to buy anything and I would feel bad. You know, like giving a party and no one showing up.

Sunni Kay said...

Yeah, I probably won't sell anything, but I thought I would give it a shot. It couldn't hurt anyway. Chances are I am not the only one who finds CD funny after all.