Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Joey Adams

Today's Quote:

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Jane Fonda

Today's Quote:

"Many a crown of wisdom is but the golden chamberpot of success, worn with pompous dignity."

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ask Captain Dramatic

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Many thanks to my friend lostnbronx for this weeks submission. I have listed each question below along with Captain Dramatic's first reaction, and answer to each one.

1. If you could control Godzilla, what would you have him destroy, and why?

CD: I would have him destroy...hmmmm...let's see....I would have him destroy...Is she typing every thing I say?
Dad-E: Pretty much.
CD: Oh God! um...lets see...I would have him destroy...Hondas.
Me: The car?
CD: Yes
Me: You know Grandma drives a Honda.
CD: Never mind then. Just Honda Civic hatch backs then.
Me: Why?
CD: Because teenagers think they are race cars and are always trying to make them fast. If they want a race car, buy a race car!

2. Grape soda or orange soda?

CD: Orange soda!

3. If you could have "Star Wars" Force powers, or the power to make the world's most perfect waffles, which would you choose?

CD: The power to make the world's most perfect waffles! I love to eat and waffles rule!

Thank you lostnbronx! Your questions were a lot of fun!

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Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: John Barrymore

Congratulations to Sarge Charlie, for being the first with the correct answer! Thank you Sarge for participating!

Today's Quote:

"My husband said he wanted to have a relationship with a redhead, so I dyed my hair."

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Alain de Botton

Today's Quote:

"In Genesis, it says that it is not good for a man to be alone; but sometimes it is a great relief."

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

Today's Quote:

"...if the beginnings of love and amorous politics are equally rosy, then the ends may be equally bloody."

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Peace

When somebody passes from this plane of existence, it is right to remember them for the good things that they did, and for their great accomplishments.

Although Michael Jackson, had "problems", he also had successes, and I wanted to list some of them as a tribute to his life. He wasn't perfect, as none of us are. We have all made mistakes, some bigger than those others have made. Despite that, he had an impact on more of our lives. For now, I am going to overlook any of his failures or shortcomings, no matter how I feel about any of them, and celebrate what he did right, as I would want someone to do for me when my time comes.

Well, nix my brilliant idea to embed some youtube video. All embeds have been blocked...

You can go to this link though and watch them all: Michael Jackson

There is also this: Life in Pictures

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the "King of Pop". May he find peace in eternal rest.

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Aesop

Today's Quote:

"Ability is of little account without opportunity."

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Hero

Band Of Brothers
Band Of Brothers
U.S. Army

Something a little different this week. Instead of profiling a service member, Wednesday Hero will be profiling a movie. Band Of Brothers. It was a miniseries tha aired on HBO in 2001. It follows Maj. Richard Winters, Cpt. Lewis Nixon and the men of the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, aka E-Company or Easy Company on their march to Germany. From their training to their battles at Normandy and Bastogne, their liberation of the Kaufering IV concentration camp to their taking of Hitler's Eagle Nest. A great cast and great writing make this one of the best war movies ever made. But it is graphic in visuals and language. And parts of it may be hard to watch, but it is worth it.

What the men of E-Company did will never be forgotten. They are the heroes that helped the cause of freedom.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Cyrano de Bergerac

Today's Quote:

"A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth."

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Barbara Cartland

Today's Quote:

"A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous and liberal man."

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Funny Poem

I received this funny poem via email today. I have no idea who wrote it, but I would love to know and shake their hand!

Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
He leadeth me beside the still factories.
He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
I shall fear no hunger for his bailouts are with me.
He has anointed my income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over.
Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.
I am glad I am American,
I am glad that I am free.
But I wish I was a dog …
And Obama was a tree

I just wish it were a little less true for the sake of all Americans. I knew Obama wasn't right for this country, I just had no idea he could preform on such a high level of complete and utter failure.

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: George Bernard Shaw

Congratulations to Sarge Charlie for being the first one with the right answer!

Today's Quote:

"A historical romance is the only kind of book where chastity really counts."

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ask Captain Dramatic

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It has been a very long time since anyone has submitted a question for Captain Dramatic, but I recently received a few. The questions were sent by jeremythegeek. I have listed each question below along with Captain Dramatic's first reaction and answer to each one.

Q: In a one on one fight between you and Dad-E, who would win?
A: Neither of us. We wouldn't get very far before mom stopped us.

Q: Can you hold your own against 3 ninjas?
A: Uh...yeah.

Q: Are you in fact... A ninja?
A: Not yet.

Q: Soup or Salad?
A: Heh. Soup.

CD: Who sent those questions mom?
Me: jeremythegeek.
CS: Those were cool.

Thank you jeremythegeek! Your questions were much appreciated!

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Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Barbara Walters

Today's Quote:

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Bumper Sticker

Here is another bumper sticker. I received this one via email and thought it was very original, and creative. I also feel it speaks the truth. Every day, it becomes more obvious to me that Obama doesn't have what it takes to lead this country.

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2009-06-20


I just found this hysterical! This guy has a cabinet that sounds just like Chewbacca! I had to share with all of you. I found it hard to watch without a giggle.

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Earl Nightingale

Congratulations to Ron Simpson for being the first with the right answer!

Today's Quote:

"A great many people think that polysyllables are a sign of intelligence."

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright

Congratulations to JeremyTheGeek, who was the first comment with most of the right answer, but the grand prize, if there was one, would go to Sarge Charlie who was the first one to get the entire name!

Today's Quote:

"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change."

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Benjamin Franklin

Today's Quote:

"A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart."

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Things The Go Through My Mind

This story was the least likely I expected to see.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fractured her right elbow Wednesday during a fall, State Department officials said.

Clinton fell Wednesday afternoon on her way to the White House and was taken to George Washington University Hospital. She was treated and released, and will have surgery to repair her elbow in coming weeks.

"Secretary Clinton appreciates the professionalism and kindness she received from the medical team who treated her this evening and looks forward to resuming her full schedule soon," said Cheryl Mills, a State Department spokeswoman.

I don't mean to sound crude or rude, as I don't truly wish any ill on anyone. I still couldn't help my initial thought upon reading this story. "It would have been a more productive fall if she had landed on her head. May have knocked some sense into her."

Although I don't agree with her politics, or her choice in husbands, nor her choice to remain married to a cheater and liar, I can say that I hope she recovers soon and well. A broken elbow must be very painful, and I don't want to see any one suffer. That may be the reason her standing by Bill bothers me so much. To each their own.

*SIGH* Some people....

*SIGH* Some people go through life exuding the impression that intelligent thought would kill them, therefore they refuse to have any of it. Take this story for example.

Russian girl in intensive care after restoring virginity 6 times

17 Jun, 02:08 PM

A Russian woman ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time.

The woman, identified as Natalia K., got married at 24. Her husband was not the girl's first sexual partner, writes.

When the husband confessed he was upset about her losing her virginity before the wedding and with another man, Natalia decided to make things up for him.

To celebrate their first year together as a married couple, she went to a plastic surgery clinic and had a hymenoplasty operation.

The husband was so delighted with the present, that a year later Natalia wanted to give that joy to him again. And the next year, and the year after that.

The sixth time the woman came for revirgination surgery, the doctors warned her it posed dangers for her health. Nevertheless, Natalia signed a waiver of all claims and had the surgery done.

But the doctors' fears turned out to be justified. The woman's weakened immune system failed to fight an unspecified minor infection she caught after the surgery, and landed her in intensive care.

Now seriously, I might be convinced that the woman was truly trying to do something special for her husband the first time she had the procedure, but even then I would scratch my head and wonder. Then to undergo the surgery an additional five times, and on the fifth time against the cautions of the surgeon? There are few things I find more ridiculous.

First of all, having an elective operation to me is a crazy idea, but I accept that some do not harbor the fears I do of being cut open. The same surgery multiple times though?

I also have issues with the fact that even after the physician told her that it would be very risky, she still had it done. Not because that it just dumb to the extreme, but more importantly, that the woman was allowed to sign a waiver and have the surgery anyway. I have to say, that if I were a surgeon, that I would not preform a surgery that I thought was too risky for the patient unless the surgery was required to preserve life. Which in this case it wasn't. A doctors refusal probably wouldn't have stopped the woman, but at least I would have known that I had done what I could, and hadn't caused harm.

On another note, what does this say about her marriage? Not much if you ask me.

Wednesday's Hero

Pvt. William Long
Pvt. William Long
23 years old from Conway, Arkansas
D Company, 2nd Battalion, 58th Infantry
June 1, 2009
U.S. Army

"My brother taught me valuable lessons and made me the man I am today," said Pfc. Triston Long, brother of Pvt. William Long. "My commander said, 'Make your brother one of us.' I will miss my brother with all that I am, and I serve in honor of him."

Pvt. William Long had just completed basic training and was set to ship out on June 8 to his first duty station in Korea when he and Private Second Class Quinton Ezeagwula were shot outside a Little Rock, Arkansas Army-Navy Recruiting Center by Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad. They were in Little Rock to speak to with potential recruits about their experiences.

Pvt. Long's father, Daris Long, a former Marine, wrote a letter to give to him when he shipped out for South Korea. In that letter he wrote, "Your day only ends when you’ve done your duty. You and your brother … are both heroes for having the moral courage to stand up when your country needs you most. You are in my hopes and my thoughts and my prayers. You are my son, you are my hero. I love you. Semper fidelis."

Along with his father and brother, Pvt. William Long is survived by his mother, Janet, who had served in the Navy herself.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From RedState, Sipsey Street Irregulars & Army Times with help from Kathi

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Charlie Chaplin

Today's Quote:

"A good conscience is a continual Christmas."

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Over 200,000 Miles

To the surprise of everyone I know, and to my delight, my 1997 Oldsmobile Acheiva has surpassed 200,000 miles. I bought the car used in 1999. Since that time, I have had to do little to it really. Regular fluid, and filter services, belts and hoses, tires and of course breaks.

There have been a few other repairs as well. The alternator went out once, and ended up taking that battery with it. The water pump needed replacing, and that was a royal pain, but a part that usually will go out in a car no matter what the make and model. It finally needed new Oxygen censors as well, but again, not uncommon. We finally have to replace the axle bearings, but after that many miles that really shouldn't be a surprise. We replaced the axle shafts at that time too, but only because we were trying to locate the cause of the noise, which turned out to be the axle bearings. One of the motor mounts has been replaced to, but it was the upper one, and that was done around 100,000 miles. The only other thing that had to be replaced was the radiator. They make the tanks in those things out of plastic now. Plastic gets brittle after a while, but that happened after 150,000 miles and after I gad owned the car for nine years.

I know of one other thing that my car needs in the near future and that is shocks a struts. They are finally going a bit too soft, but they have made my ride smooth for a very long time. They are just ready to retire.

All in all, I can't complain. So far the motor and transmission are still very sound, and strong. A lot more than I could have even thought to hope for. I wish Oldsmobile wasn't out of business. My car has lasted a long time, but I am not delusional. I know it won't last forever. I would love to make my next car an Olds.

Here is a picture of my odometer reading shortly after I reached 200,000 miles. I know have over 204,000 now.

Image Hosted by
Shot with 1.3 Megapixel at 2009-06-16

Ignore the low coolant light, it was only on because I just started the car. :)


Why does it all have to be so difficult? Short version of the back story. My husband is British. We have been trying to get his permanent residency in the United States. I won't go into the gory details, well at least not in this post, but I will say that it has been nothing but one problem after another. One minute you have one issue sorted out, here comes another. We are finally making progress though! At least it feels that way. The hardest part is still to come, but I think we are going to make it through ok. Now for the rest of the story...

The hard part that is upcoming is proving that we are truly married, and it wasn't for convenience. That we truly love each other and that is why we married. We have to prove that we live together and take are operating as a family unit. One thing that immigration asks for as proof is that both of our names are on the utility bills. This isn't the only thing they ask for, but it is the one that led me to my blog.

You see, you can't be on any bill in this fine country unless you have a social security number. To have one of those, if you weren't born here, you have to prove that you are legal to work. Well, my husband finally got his employment card in the mail, so we headed straight for the social security administration. The process there was easy and painless. It took only about a week to get his card in the mail. With that number I decided to start putting him on the bills. This is where things got a little hairy. This wasn't the part I expected to be hard. Maybe that is why it was so frustrating.

My first call was to the local gas company. That was a cake walk. No problem there at all. Then I called the phone company. No real issue there either, except that even though we are both on the bill now, only my name will show as there isn't enough room for both on the printed bill evidently. I heaved a big sigh as that kind of defeats my whole purpose, but no worries, one bill probably wouldn't make that much difference. It was my call to the electric company that put me over the edge.

Don't get me wrong, that gal helping me was great. She was friendly, and knew what she was doing. She was not the problem. The problem was that the electric company verifies social security numbers. I have no idea how, but they do. She tried to verify my husband's and it came back invalid. This is probably because it was brand new, and I explained this, but it still came back invalid, so there was little the poor gal on the other end of the phone could do. She started to tell us our options. Instead of the social security number we could provide two other forms of ID as long as it was certified, and original, and presented in person. Sounds like a hassle, but easy enough right? If only!

You see, the forms of ID they will accept are a US Birth Certificate, which he doesn't have as he wasn't born here, as US Passport, which he doesn't have as he in not a US Citizen (yet), a driver's license, which he doesn't have yet, but may get soon, and a whole list of other documents that pertained to legal entry in the US, but the only one he had was sent in with the applications we sent to immigration. There is only one of these that we can even hope to come up with, and that will be weeks from now at best.

You see my frustration? How do we show the proof we need to for the change in immigrant status, if we can't get proof until he is naturalized? Oh well. I have faith in the system. I have to at this point. Without faith in the system, I would have nothing else, as I have seen no other proof that it works...yet. Lets just hope, that for our sake, faith and hard work will be enough.

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Fred Allen

Today's Quote:

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Yesterday's Answer: Bob Hope

Congratulations to Sarge Charlie for being the first with the right answer!

Today's Quote:

"A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized."

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ask Captain Dramatic

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I thought I would share with you the art of board breaking according to Captain Dramatic.

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Michelle Obama's Ancestors - Accoding To One

According to WIS News 10 In South Carolina, a longtime SCGOP activist and former state Senate candidate Rusty DePass, has issued an apology for comments he made on his Facebook page. Evidently he was commenting on the Friday (June 12, 2009) escape of a gorilla from the Riverbanks Zoo. In response to a post by an aide to state Attorney General Henry McMaster describing Friday morning's gorilla escape he responded with the comment,

"I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."
Although I can easily guess that this was probably meant in jest, and not truly meant to cause any offense, I will not defend this type of behavior, nor do I think anyone should. There is never a time or a place for this kind of humor. It is no more funny than David Letterman's cracks at Sarah Palin, or her daughters, which up until now, I had decided I would give no recognition to at all. (I didn't care to fuel the frenzy and bring ratings to a man who probably should not by broadcasting to millions of Americans every night to begin with. You can read more about the Palin's here.) It is a disgusting display of locker room humor that only succeeds in painting the joke teller as one with a below average intelligence level. And to think these two fools make money with lovker room humor. It makes me ill, and ask, yet again, what is wrong with other people's children?

The comment has been removed from Facebook. DePass' Facebook page has also been deleted. I bet he wishes the shame could be as easily diposed of.

Quote Of The Day

Today's Quote:

"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it."

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bumper Stickers

I often catch myself reading bumper stickers while I drive. At least when it is safe to do so. I love bumper stickers. Imagine my delight when I received an email that listed some of the best bumper stickers I have ever seen. I put them in a slide show. Please enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I started to write this when asking myself "What is socialism and where does Barrack Obama stand in the spectrum?" After all we have the socialists claiming he isn't a socialist, and possibly making their case, but I feel that "Obamacare" is very socialist in nature. Maybe we should start with the definition of socialism according to Wikipedia:

Socialism refers to any one of various economic theories of economic organization advocating state or cooperative ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities/means for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation based on the full product of the laborer. Modern socialism originated in the late 18th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialization and private ownership on society. Karl Marx posited that socialism (a stage in which the working class controlled the state and owned the means of production before the state and classes withered away) would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution, and would be a transitional stage between capitalism and communism (the final stage in which class dichotomies and the state itself ceased to exist).

The Utopian socialists, including Robert Owen, tried to found self-sustaining socialist communities within a capitalist society. Henri de Saint Simon, the first individual to coin the term socialism, was the original thinker who advocated technocracy and industrial planning. The first socialists predicted a world improved by harnessing technology and combining it with better social organization, and many contemporary socialists share this belief. Early socialist thinkers tended to favor an authentic meritocracy combined with rational social planning, while many modern socialists have a more egalitarian approach.

Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital, creates an unequal society, and does not provide equal opportunities for everyone in society. Therefore socialists advocate the creation of a society in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly based on the amount of work expended in production, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how and to what extent this could be achieved.

Socialism is not a concrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and program; its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalization, sometimes opposing each other. Another dividing feature of the socialist movement is the split between reformists and the revolutionaries on how a socialist economy should be established. Some socialists advocate complete nationalization of the means of production, distribution, and exchange; others advocate state control of capital within the framework of a market economy. Socialists inspired by the Soviet model of economic development have advocated the creation of centrally planned economies directed by a state that owns all the means of production. Others, including Yugoslavian, Hungarian, German and Chinese Communists in the 1970s and 1980s, instituted various forms of market socialism, combining co-operative and state ownership models with the free market exchange and free price system (but not free prices for the means of production).

Social democrats propose selective nationalization of key national industries in mixed economies, with private ownership of property and of profit-making business. Social democrats also promote tax-funded welfare programs and regulation of markets. Many social democrats, particularly in European welfare states, refer to themselves as "socialists", introducing a degree of ambiguity to the understanding of what the term means.

Libertarian socialism (including social anarchism and libertarian Marxism) rejects state control and ownership of the economy altogether and advocates direct collective ownership of the means of production via co-operative workers' councils and workplace democracy.

According to this definition, there are many different kinds of socialism. Often times, separated by a pretty fine line, and some gray area for interpretation. Isn't this often the case in politics and/or religion though? Despite that, can we determine if Barrack Obama is a socialist based on the above, and despite the fact that the Socialist Party saying he is not?

I think that he is behaving in very socialists ways. With or without conscious knowledge, is not my call. He is not a strict socialists by any means, but more closely aligned with a social democrat definition. This is the definition used to describe the type of government used in the United Kingdom. It also best describes the practices that are most commonly associated with a welfare state as we have come to know it.

In my opinion, the most shining example is "Obamacare". From what I gather, "Obamacare" isn't true social medicine, but it is my opinion that it will lead to it. According to Obama's webiste alone, the socialists factor isn't readily visible, but when reading it, you have to ask yourself how to accomplish the goals that he outlines there.

Here is what appears on this website:

The Current Situation

Making sure every American has access to high quality health care is one of the most important challenges of our time. The number of uninsured Americans is growing, premiums are skyrocketing, and more people are being denied coverage every day. A moral imperative by any measure, a better system is also essential to rebuilding our economy -- we want to make health insurance work for people and businesses, not just insurance and drug companies.

The Solution

*Reform the health care system:

We will take steps to reform our system by expanding coverage, improving quality, lowering costs, honoring patient choice and holding insurance companies accountable.

*Promote scientific and technological advancements:

We are committed to putting responsible science and technological innovation ahead of ideology when it comes to medical research. We believe in the enormous capacity of American ingenuity to find cures for diseases that continue to extinguish too many lives and cause too much suffering every year.

*Improve preventative care:

In order to keep our people healthy and provide more efficient treatment we need to promote smart preventative care, like cancer screenings and better nutrition, and make critical investments in electronic health records, technology that can reduce errors while ensuring privacy and saving lives.

When I read this, the first thing I asked myself was how do you ensure affordable health care for all citizens while making it accessible to all? How do you reform health care, promote scientific and technological advances, and improve preventative care while keeping health care affordable and accessible to all? Can that even be done? I am not apt to think so.

All of those things will cost money. When things cost money, who pays for it? Certainly not those that aren't working, and therefore do not have health insurance. Certainly not those who can't afford private health insurance when their employers don't offer it. It won't cost the insurance companies a dime that the won't be passed back to the people they are insuring. County run hospitals, that treat patients they know can't pay for services received, already receive money from state, local and federal governments to offset these costs. When that isn't enough the prices for treatments needed by those who can pay, will just go up on the whole to offset the hospital's loss. That is the way the system works now, and yes, portions of this system stink. Is the alternative better though? Is "Obamacare" the way to go? Or is the way to fix this? Or will it ultimately make things worse?

Lets look at eight principles that Obama wants Congress to follow, to transform and modernize the American health care system, to see if his way will work.

1. Protect Families’ Financial Health. The plan must reduce the growing premiums and other costs American citizens and businesses pay for health care. People must be protected from bankruptcy due to catastrophic illness.

OK. This is great in theory, but let's take a closer look shall we? I will use myself as an example. I protect myself against growing premiums by making sure that I have a job that offers stable benefits, and preventative health coverage. Employers know that employees are looking for this. A lot of employers offer competitive benefits packages. That is how they attract the skilled and intelligent workforce. If I could not obtain decent benefits for me and my family, that I could afford, I would be looking for a job where I could obtain this goal. I might take a job that didn't help me reach my goal to make ends meet, but just for the time being. I would still be searching out something better. What's that you say? You live in a small community? Employers that offer good benefits don't exist where you live? Well, pull up stakes, and go somewhere you can. Employers will get the hint if they can't find employees. You don't want to live in a big city? Well you don't have to live in a big city, but perhaps that is why the city stays the size it does. Perhaps it is because I am not the only one who isn't afraid of a change of venue if it means I can afford to live healthy, and comfortable. Moving isn't the only option though. Private health insurance exists. The key is, get it before you know you are dying of cancer or the baby is on the way. It is for these reasons that I don't think that the problem is the system. The problem is that some people do not take steps to protect themselves, or acknowledge that the way they plan their future is the problem.

2. Make Health Coverage Affordable. The plan must reduce high administrative costs, unnecessary tests and services, waste, and other inefficiencies that consume money with no added health benefits.

Who determines what is necessary? Who determines what is beneficial? Did you know the test is unnecessary before the test comes back negative? Did you know that Captain Dramatic has a nervous stomach? That when he gets upset he has symptoms that mimic appendicitis? I didn't either until the doctors tested him one morning in the ER. He had an elevated white blood cell count, so they did the abdominal scan to rule out appendicitis. As a mother, I was really glad they did, but the health insurance company deemed it unnecessary. I spent hours arguing with them. Asking them where they received their medical degree and what qualified them to make that assumption. I asked them where they got that working crystal ball, and who endowed them with ESP. I asked them why they worked where they did when they had a fully functioning sixth sense. Do you want your doctor and yourself making that call? Or the government and the insurance company? Some doctors do order unnecessary tests, but personally, I get a second opinion, and use common sense. I ask a lot of questions. I am not afraid to ask, what if I don't have this test? I ask for alternatives to the test. If I am unsure, I read up on it, or ask people in my life who may know, so that I am better educated.

As for high administrative costs, I know my business is very good at monitoring that aspect of our health care plan. We all should be. This isn't the best practice for a health insurance company, private practice, or a hospital anyway. If someone can get the same thing for cheaper down the road, they will. That monitors the administrative costs.

The last group of people I would ever want to monitor either of these things is the government. They are known for excessive spending and waste, and to fix it, they just raise taxes which costs us more money. The less money I have, and the less money the rest of the people in this country have, the less we spend. Companies then make less money and can't provide benefits to employees. A viscous cycle isn't it?

3. Aim for Universality. The plan must put the United States on a clear path to cover all Americans.

Universality? Are we all the same? Do we have the same medical needs? On the simplest level, some of us can give birth to our children without pain medication, while others of us can't even deal well with the last three months of the pregnancy with any grace. Is every pregnancy the same, or every delivery? Are we all in the same health condition prior to pregnancy? Bottom line, should I have to pay via taxes or otherwise, when I have a job and work hard to keep one, when the person next to me doesn't work and has no intention of doing so? And why should they? The government will take care of them. Why take personal responsibility when someone will do it for you.

4. Provide Portability of Coverage. People should not be locked into their job just to secure health coverage, and no American should be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions.

This is probably the only one of these that I can see any good in, but even it can go wrong. First, understand that if you lose your job, you can continue benefit coverage now through COBRA, at a cost. Often times a high cost, but this is available. Heck, that is an incentive to look for a new job! During the time that you are unemployed though, now that you have plenty of free time, you can start doing the research on private insurance companies, and be looking for a job with benefits at the same time. After all, since you took some personal responsibility, you probably have a little something saved to help get you through this tough time. This may not be the time to be participating in activities that are more apt to put you at greater risk for injury either though.

The part of this that I feel is has some potential for good is the part about not being denied for coverage when you have a preexisting illness. If you have lost your job, and your health coverage with it, than other insurance companies shouldn't be able to deny you coverage. You need the treatment, and the coverage. In these situations though, you should expect to have a higher premium. You would expect no less on your car insurance if you had tons of speeding tickets and accidents on your record. Both preexisting illness and accidents happen through no fault of your own on occasion.

5.Guarantee Choice. The plan should provide Americans a choice of health plans and physicians. They should have the option of keeping their employer-based health plan.

Now, this is one of the areas I see leading to social medicine. I can choose to use my employers health plan, or pick a private plan? I can already do that. Right? I can, so maybe this means something else. Maybe it means I can stay with my employers plan, or use one of governments choosing? Doesn't the government already has Medicare? I know a lot of doctors who won't even accept it. How does that guarantee choice? It limits the pool of options if you ask me. From another angle, if the employers plan isn't cheaper, because the government subsidized plans to guarantee medical coverage to all, than most everyone will go with what it. Cheaper is better to many people. If this were the case, that would drive the cost of employer plans sky high with fewer employees opting for them. God help us all. Wouldn't all of this just be a fancy name for social medicine? Seriously, hasn't the government tried this on a small scale and failed miserably? Does Medicare and the Department of Veterans Administration ring any bells? From where I sit, they aren't doing very well with either. Does anyone remember the Medicare prescription drug fiasco?

6. Invest in Prevention and Wellness. The plan must invest in public health measures proven to reduce cost drivers in our system—such as obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking — as well as guarantee access to proven preventive treatments.

There are so many options out there for just this. Tons of non-profit organizations who teach these practices, publish literature and have websites designed just for these aliments and addictions. We have education in schools that teach our children of these dangers. Group therapy/treatment is often available for free or at a very minimal cost. The fact remains, people do what they want, and don't take personal responsibility for these actions. The resources are already there and accessible. People aren't making use of the tools and knowledge they have been given. Unless Obama intends on mandating utilization of these resources he will not be able to change any of the items mentioned above. Mandating state or privately run programs would go against constitutional rights, and that is never a good idea.

7. Improve Patient Safety and Quality Care. The plan must ensure the implementation of proven patient safety measures and provide incentives for changes in the delivery system to reduce unnecessary variability in patient care. It must support the widespread use of health information technology and the development of data on the effectiveness of medical interventions to improve the quality of care delivered.

What leads him to believe that this doesn't exist and isn't being done? I have heard of people having the wrong leg amputated, and that is more tragic than I care to discuss, but do you think that mistake went unanswered? How does he think this country became known for the best medical care and most innovative treatments in the world? We already have more of what he mentioned than 99% of the countries on the planet. There is always room for improvement, but the side-effects should never outnumber the symptoms that are being treated.

8. Maintain Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability. The plan must pay for itself by reducing the level of cost growth, improving productivity, and dedicating additional sources of revenue.

This one is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one. The plan must pay for itself by dedicating additional sources of revenue? Additional sources of revenue? Such as? From where? "Get your car smog-checked while getting your annual check-up!", "When you spend $300.00 in our gift shop you get free wart removal!", and I am sure I can come up with others. What about reducing the level of cost growth? Is he going to do this by using aluminum in the pins used to reconstruct a blown knee instead of surgical steel? Or is he going to control the cost by introducing salary caps and pay cuts to doctors, nurses, and all of the other support staff? Neither is a good option, and both will have horrific ramifications on the economy and on the quality of care. I say all this because medical institutions are just like every other business in this country, and are probably already controlling costs in every way acceptable. Not only that, but after seeing what he has done to the country's deficit in an attempt to bail out big business, I really don't feel him qualified to speak about fiscal responsibility on any level.

People need to take personal responsibility for their needs. They need to make appropriate decisions to facilitate these needs. They need to be educated, and use common sense. Big government has never proven itself to capable of doing anything that didn't cost more and result in long lines and waits, and have only shown a grave deficiency the few times that they have tried. Socializing medicine will not fix any existing problems, only create more. Not only that, but governments seem to be wasteful by their very definition anymore.

To anyone who feels that my statements are wrong I ask you, to ask yourself one question. "What countries have made social medicine work?" There are a few that have come close, so once you have named one, then please, read this article, and this one, to further educate yourself, and know that when you do read them, these are not isolated incidents.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Good Cause

As many of you know, my husband and I are active in our local cub scout pack. In fact, I am the current publicity chair. It is my job to find a way to let the community know what our pack has been up to, and to bring the great things the boys are learning and doing in the community, to the attention of community, as well as to help get the scouts the recognition that they yearn for and deserve. Many local newspapers across the country help in this endeavor, as they publish short articles for free. My local paper, seems to, but I have not had much luck getting through to them or getting our events published. Despite this I still wanted my community to know what our scouts were up to.

That is when I found a website run by a great gal named Jan. She doesn't run the site to make money. She simply wants to make sure the events happening in our community, and news items for our town, were accessible to those that live here, and possibly even to a wider audience at some point in time. When I had trouble getting my scouts information into our local paper, and getting word of our wonderful scouts out to the community, I turned to her website. She has always been more than willing to assist us in getting the word out. For that I could never express my gratitude enough.

As many of you know websites cost money, and the more traffic you attract to your site, the more it costs. Who would have ever thought bandwidth would cost what it does! People like Jan try to make things easier for organizations that are non-profit, but the upkeep and overhead doesn't pay itself, and neither does the needed bandwidth.

It is our turn to give back. I know that most of you who read this blog aren't from my little community. Perhaps you can help out anyway, and gain a little from it yourself.

You can help by donating $1.00 at her site. By donating $1.00 you will get a link to your blog, social networking site, company web page, etc. Any web page listed for one dollar. If it is a business site, the $1.00 can be written off as an advertising expense. It doesn't stop there though. Not only do you get a little free advertising and a boost in traffic to your page, but you could possibly win $250.00.

Links will be reviewed prior to the posting of the link. Porn will not be allowed, but just about anything else will. Sites with overwhelming profanity probably wouldn't be considered either. Sites that are rated PG, and possibly PG-13 should be fine.

I truly hope you will consider helping out. The cost to you is minimal, and you stand to gain a great deal for a very small cost. Not only that, but good things should happen to good people, and what better way to thank those that give so much of themselves, than to give a little back.

You can visit the site and read for yourself here. When you are done catching up with the news, feel free to take a look at the pages of those who have already signed up here. To sign up your site you can go here.

I hope you can and will help. Please accept my thanks in advance, and comment me with any questions or concerns. I would also love a note from you if you were able to help.

Wednesday's Hero

Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marc A. Lee
Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marc A. Lee
28 years old from Hood River, Oregon
August 2, 2006
U.S. Navy

"Marc was amazing. He was my best friend, my love," his widow, Maya, said.

Petty Officer Marc A. Lee joined the Navy in 2001 and became an AO after completing Naval Air Technical Training. Later that year he attempted to complete the grueling BUD/S program but caught pneumonia and had to drop out. He tried again in 2004 and completed the course.

On August 2, 2006, Marc A. Lee became the first SEAL to be killed in combat in Iraq when he was fatally wounded in a firefight in Ramadi, Iraq. The following is from the award citation:

"During the operation, one element member was wounded by enemy fire. The element completed the casualty evacuation, regrouped and returned onto the battlefield to continue the fight. Petty Officer Lee and his SEAL element maneuvered to assault an unidentified enemy position. He, his teammates, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Abrams tanks engaged enemy positions with suppressive fire from an adjacent building to the north.

"To protect the lives of his teammates, he fearlessly exposed himself to direct enemy fire by engaging the enemy with his machine gun and was mortally wounded in the engagement. His brave actions in the line of fire saved the lives of many of his teammates"

"It was so like Marc to give up his life to save his friends," his mother, Debbie Lee, told the Hood River News. "I am so proud of him. He is my hero."

Petty Officer Lee was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star with combat "V" for his actions in Iraq during his team’s combat tour and the Purple Heart medal.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's Hero

Sgt. Pablo A. Calderon
Sgt. Pablo A. Calderon
26 years old from Brooklyn, New York
1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
November 30, 2004
U.S. Army

"He wanted to fight for his country," said his heartbroken younger sister, Lilliana Calderone. "He always wanted to be there."

Pablo Calderon joined the Army in 1997, right out of High School. "He went straight to the army from high school," said his sister. "He wanted to improve himself. He was proud. He loved his country."

Sgt. Calderon was killed when an IED was detonated near his vehicle in Fallujah, Iraq. Also killed in the attack was Sgt. Jose Guereca of Missouri City, Texas.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From &

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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