Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Does Domestic Terrorism Exist In Ireland?

Why does domestic terrorism exist in Ireland? I may just have the answer. It all started in Las Vegas...

It is our second day in Las Vegas. We were taking the Deuce buses to see the sites ($5.00 dollars for a 24 hour pass!). While waiting for the bus to arrive we are standing in a very long line, but enjoying the company of those around us. We are about half way in the line, and after about a half hour, two buses pull up at the same time. The second bus stops right in front of us and we start boarding. My son, takes off and just as my husband and I were about to follow him, some lady physically pushes me back and starts screaming "we have been here longer and we are getting on this bus first!" in a very thick Irish accent. I stared a short moment and said "we have all been waiting and there are two buses. Get on that one!" "That one isn't taking passengers!" she yells. Well, how was I supposed to know that? Mean while, she is still ranting and shoving her way on the bus, and I have an eight year old on there by himself! I said as much, and she pretty much shot back that this was not her problem. Well no duh, but it wouldn't have been a problem if she hadn't been such a crab! The others who were waiting said, go, get your son, and my husband and I did.

We are sitting down and she is still ranting to the other passengers about common courtesy and apologizing for her out burst to them. Her apology consisted of blaming the whole ordeal on her Irish temper. Well, I can't keep quiet, and although I am getting the look of death from my husband, who did what the English do and quietly ignore bad behavior, especially from the Irish, I make mention of the fact that she was very inconsiderate separating a family with small children so she could get on this bus, that she is last person who should be lecturing on common courtesy, and that she could take her Irish temper home. That set her off again, and my son starts crying. He knows me and is afraid I am going to let this woman have it, and end up in jail or something. My attention is now on my crying child.

"Don't cry son, it is ok. We would have at least made them let us on to get you." I pause a few moments. The Irish hag has quieted down. I put my arm around my son, and say the following to him, but loud enough that she can hear me, being that she is only a few seats away. "Baby, you have just learned first hand, how not to behave. We don't do that kind of thing in this country. We have far more consideration for others." I then looked at my husband and said loud enough for her to hear, "This is why domestic terrorism exists in Ireland and not here isn't it? Because they can't be considerate to others. They all have to have it their way of the highway, and blame the whole ordeal on a temper that they have learned not to control." He nodded, his back to her, and smiled at me. I then finished with, "Irish temper my ass! Grow up! Remind me not to go there, I hear the food sucks anyway...". I didn't hear another peep out of her the rest of the trip and as we exited the bus neither she nor her husband had the courage to even make eye contact.

With all that being said, don't get me wrong. We have SOME domestic terrorism, but not much. We have NONE in comparison to Ireland. After this exchange, you may have come to the same conclusion I have, and no longer have to wonder why.

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