Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday's Super Site

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I have been a reader of The Blogway Boys for some time. I have enjoyed Paul's take on many of the social and political issues that make the news. I have agreed almost unanimously with what he writes, and on occasion have even felt obligated to comment. I had to recognize him with the Saturday's Super Site honor because it is obvious that a lot of time is put into what is written and posted. There is heart in all that is done on this blog.

All of that, and his blog description, that appears below his blog title is:

Just spouting off about everyday news that pisses me off. In competition to be the most insignificant blog on the internet.

Most insignificant blog is definitely my rightful title. There isn't a competition. :P I have it hands down. Despite that, the humbleness present in his blog, as is showcased in his blog description, speaks volumes. The way he reacts to those that comment on his blog speaks volumes more.

Paul, keep up the good work!

You can learn about how to nominate a site by clicking on the graphic above. I would love to start seeing some more nominations.

1 comment:

Paul Champagne said...

Thank you so much, I humbly accept this award.

But, I am the most insignificant!!!