Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lunch On Wednesday

Those of you who are near enough to know me and my schedule, know it is rare for me to get away from my desk at work to have lunch. I usually eat at my desk. OK, I don't eat, I munch, but that is beside the point. Wednesday, I went to lunch. This entailed that I got in my car to run over to Wendy's that is a block away. Yes, I drove a block. I didn't want anyone at work to be able to chase me, so I drove.

An interesting thing happened at the Wendy's drive thru. I got in line, someone pulled in behind me, and then the lady in front of me wanted to back out of line. She puts the car in reverse and starts backing toward me. I have a big SUV behind me! She keeps backing. She then starts honking because I am not moving. Can she not see that huge SUV behind me! You know, the one that is dwarfing my little car? She honks again.

I put my car in reverse. Maybe the guy behind me will see my reverse lights and back up. Nope, he didn't budge. Well, he is not all that close to my bumper so I inch, and I mean inch back ever so slightly. Then he honks at me! I wasn't even close to him at this point, not that my little car would done anything more than fit neatly under his front bumper! He starts yelling at me and keeps honking with one hand and giving me the bird with the other. I threw my car in park and my hands in the air. The lady in front of me manges to squeak out without hitting anyone or anything by employing the 32 point turn.

I am now free to proceed to the speaker and place my order. I do so, and when I arrive at the first window, where I get to pay, I decide in a split second that I will buy lunch for the gentleman behind me too. I do so, and ask the cashier to tell the "nice" man behind me that I said "Thank you for reminding me how short life is, and to please smile more". I left the part about short-sighted, impatient ass off. I left the drive thru and went on my way back to work.

At the light I needed to make a left-hand turn to get back to work. The impatient honker, who just got a free lunch, was right next to me in the lane that went straight. He didn't even make eye contact, but he wasn't honking!

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