Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Podcasting and me? Not at this rate...

I have been mulling over the possibility of doing a podcast of my own. I would love to be able to do something on a regular basis, but so far, I haven't even been able to come up with a single topic that I think anyone will want to listen to me talk about.

I am not ready to give up yet, but I am feeling a bit discouraged. Maybe it is just that I don't have enough free time on my hands. It seems that every time I begin to think of something, I am pulled in a different direction and completely lose whatever it was that I found remotely interesting, or at least the finer points of my thoughts on the topic. I find myself wondering if maybe I had more free time on my hands, perhaps finding a topic wouldn't be so difficult. Then again, maybe it would more difficult as I may not have anything to talk about at all because I would be living an empty, boring existence. Regardless, more free time is not available, so I won't have to worry about testing either theory.

Then there are the other issues. Where am I going to store this podcast when I record it? How am I going to even tell people its out there. Editing will probably be a nightmare too. When is this house ever quiet enough for me to record? My husband has done some podcasting, so I am sure he has some, if not all, of these answers. If he does, then I am still left with the problem of what I can talk about at any length that will be interesting, and how do I make it entertaining, and different.

I know that whatever I talk about, it has to be something that I am interested in, and either already knowledgeable in, or willing to become knowledgeable in. That of course, does not guarantee that anyone else will be interested, especially when you look at the number of podcasts out there. Is there anything that hasn't already been covered by someone else? Maybe, but I haven't thought of it yet, and if I am going to compete (in a manner of speaking) with an existing show, how do I make mine different and stand out? What will make my podcast special? I keep telling myself, nothing ventured, nothing gained, but then I think, how much effort do I really want to put into something that may potentially have no listeners at all?

I guess I will kick the idea around a bit more and see if anything comes to me. Maybe I will see if the husband and Captain Dramatic will help and make it a family affair. I don't know how far I can run with that, but so far, it is the most interesting thing I have come up with. I still doesn't answer the question of what to talk about, so again, I am right back at square one. Something tells me, that figuring out what you want to talk about is probably the biggest piece of the puzzle, and none of the rest matters until you have that nailed down. It will come to me, or it won't, I just hope I am ready to write it all down before the next of life's many distractions moves in, and ruins the moment.

Can I record a podcast on how I can't think of anything to podcast on?

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