Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Episode 1 - Terminally Stupid

Show notes for Episode 1 of Terminally Stupid:

Well, this is the first episode of my new podcast. This is not something that I have tried before and I have no idea how well it will be received. I will be anxiously awaiting feedback!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and want to listen, you can hear it here, or find it on iTunes by searching for Hacker Public Radio.

Here are links to the articles mentioned in the show:

A License to Shampoo: Jobs Needing State Approval Rise - Wall Street Journal, 2-7-2011

'Killer' hip-hopper who turned himself in didn't know victim died - New York Post, 12-19-2010

Man calls 911 with pot inquiry - WTNH-TV New Haven, Connecticut, 2-4-2011

Woman struck by train sues railroad - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 11-5-04

And here are some follow-up pieces on the Patricia Frankhouser story, just in case you were interested like I was:

Common sense derailed - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 11-15-04

Wisdom sidetracked - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 11-17-04

Railroad seeks dismissal of injury case - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 02-16-05

Stupid Gadget:

Beanzawave USB-Powered Beans Microwave is What USB Was Created For - Gizmodo - 06-08-09

Beazawave Video:

I must give credit where credit is due!

The music featured on this podcast is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 1.0. The track featured is titled Peaceful Henry by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra from their album Music Box Rag. You can get a copy of this song and many others at

Also, thank you to Hacker Public Radio for giving me a medium!

Last but not least, thank you Xoke, wonderful husband, for listening to this episode so many times, giving me useful feedback, and sitting up late to help me send this MP3 where it needed to go.

Please feel free to leave feedback, questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions below, or in the forum.

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