Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pray For My Family!

Please pray for my family because they are stuck with me. Not only have I been working an obscene amount of hours at work as of late, and been too tired to do much around the house, but I have also decided to dive into my genealogy research again as well. All of these things combined are bound to make me irritable and cranky. Well, OK, it only takes work to do that, and I love genealogy research, but I think my husband and son are bored to tears by my incessant talking about dead people. They tolerate me well enough, so they must love me.

I have my mother's side traced back to the 15 or 1600's, but can't get past my second great grandfather on my father's side. Most of my father's side were illiterate farmer's, who were born on the farm, died on the farm, and were buried on the farm. I pull my hair our over that branch of my family.

I did recently acquire a fair amount of history on my husband's side however, as my father-in-law seems to like genealogy as well. I am now pouring over some of those relations, and am loving it.

Wish my luck!

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