Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are You Trigger Happy?

My husband was watching the following video, and I was infuriated!

I can't believe the nerve of this woman! This man is 70 years old, which in and of itself deserves respect, but not only that, Mr. Walton has the nerve to protect what is his after it had been stolen, several times prior. He didn't mean to kill another human, but it happened, and I think that he is going to have to live with that for the rest of his years.

Rebecca Aguilar, the reporter in this video, has the nerve to harass Mr. Walton. "Are you trigger happy?" she says! Are you kidding me! Is the definition of trigger happy someone who protects his livelihood, and possibly his own life? If that is the case, then every human I know, gun owner or not, is trigger happy. Anyone who told me that they wouldn't have protected themselves, what belonged to them that they relied on to earn a living, or their family, is a bold faced liar, or spineless coward that has made it an art form to be the weenie on the playground who constantly gets his lunch money taken away. Trigger happy was far from what this man is anyway, especially since he made it all the way to 70 years of age, and has shot another human twice, and for a very good reason. In my definition of the term trigger happy, the trigger happy person wouldn't have needed a valid reason to shoot another, and they certainly wouldn't have contained it to twice.

There is also another point I must make here. I can not stand people who call themselves reporters, yet behave like Rebecca Aguilar. She was going for shock value not facts, or she would have approached the whole situation differently with her questions worded a great deal more tactfully. I have no respect for people like this. They are vultures who have given up on all of their own principles, and morals, to feed on what ever they can scrounge. This is, of course, assuming they hand any principles or morals to begin with. I can't venture to guess which category Ms. Aguilar fits into, as I do not know her personally, but neither category is attractive.

For the record, I don't think I would have handled this situation any differently than Mr. Walton did, and I have nothing but respect for this man, and a complete and total lack of respect for Rebecca Aguilar. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that if more people made it known that they wouldn't be bullied by common, two-bit thugs, there may just be a great deal fewer of them. In my opinion, that would be a great and wonderful thing.

Instead of berating Mr. Walton on television, perhaps Ms. Aguilar should have asked for his autograph. I would have, right after shaking his hand and thanking him for making the world a safer place.


This morning I noticed that Texas Fred has something up regarding this event as well, with a little more information regarding the follow-up. Seems I wasn't the only one pissed off by Ms. Aguilar. YOu can read what Texas Fred has to say here.


FOX4 in Dallas forced YouTube to pull the video. I wonder why? Feeling guilty? Public pressure? Hmmmm.....

Also, Rebecca Aguilar has been suspended. You will not find the Fox4 story on the station's Web site; there's a page for it, but no accompanying video. I found another copy of the Video at LiveLeak. Here it is:



We were discussing on about how reporters should have a ten day waiting period before reporting on a story, have to have a background check and finger printed just to become reporters.

(Especially since William Shakespere wrote that a pen was mighter than a sword

Bigsibling said...

Disgusting. This lady should be ashamed of herself.

Ron Simpson said...

another reporter with an agenda.