Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ask Captain Dramatic

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Every Wednesday night (well, on the Wednesday's something more important hasn't come up), Captain Dramatic's biological father comes out to take CD to a meal. This Wednesday work happened, so when CD's father asked, we agreed that it would be OK for him to take CD out on Thursday night instead.

As we all have heard, I have been working horribly long hours, so when they returned from dinner CD's father had him use the cell phone to call Dad-E and make sure that he was home, as he couldn't be sure with the car not at the house. (I still had it, and wasn't home from work yet, but I could have been, and E and I could have gone out for our own dinner.)

Dad-E was home, and I wasn't. The phone rings, and the caller ID says that it is CD's Father.

Dad-E: Hi
CD: Hi, are you at home?
In the background Dad-E hears CD's Father say: "CD, he answered the

That of course would mean he was home right? Hee Hee. I laughed too when they told me the story.

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