Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

UK saliors taken HOSTAGE by Iran

I have spent the last few days watching the events regarding the UK sailors taken hostage by Iran. Today my anger at this situation and how it is being handled reached an all time high. I am furious with the way this incident is playing out. The way the Iranian government has been acting has always been the worst possible behavior, and this time is not any different. It is a government run by terrorists who are power hungry. The world is playing into their hands in the name of diplomacy and has been for years.

I think the time for diplomacy is long past over. I think the idle threats of US war ships and battle groups in the gulf should no longer remain an idle threat. I think that UN sanctions have proved themselves useless time and time again, and will prove no more useful this time around. Unfortunately, force is going to be needed in my opinion. I say this because I can see a bad situation unfolding before my eyes, and while Europe and the US sit and twiddle their thumbs Iran is upping the stakes daily. Besides, diplomacy doesn't work when the party you are trying to be diplomatic with refuses to do the same.

Tony Blair is quoted as have said that the seizure of UK troops by Iran is very serious. While I fully agree with that statement, why are we standing around talking about how serious the matter is? Why don't we take some serious action? Why are any of us allowing Iran to take the upper hand time and time again? Why are we letting the Iranian government have so much control over what happens in that region, and even at times, what happens in Europe and the US?

One of the other question I have, is where were all those US battle groups that I know are always sitting over there watching everything? I understand that these were not American sailors who were captured, but if they are there then how did this happen right under their noses? I seriously doubt that they were sent there to simply look pretty.

Not only that, but Iran wants to be allowed to have nuclear weapons/power? A country that is just begging for a war over a portion of gulf waters that probably amounts to very little in the whole scheme of things? I hope to God we aren't going to stand by and watch that happen much longer. Taking another nations soldiers over a bit of water (a bit of water that only the Iranian government believes is theirs; the rest of the world doesn't see it tat way) without warning is a bit infantile not to mention an act of war. The US would take people into custody too if they entered US water space or air space, but there would plenty of warnings and the like, and a chance to turn back. From everything I am hearing there was nothing of the sort extended to the British sailors. We will have to wait and see as more details are released as I am sure they will be.

Iran is stretching the political and military muscles, and I don't think we should bother watching the show. I think we should turn the program off. I know there is a very good reason I do not hold a political office. If I held one, Iran would probably have already become the lost city of Atlantis.

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E and J said...

Well this whole thing stinks. I did a blog about it here but the short version is Iran is laughing and Blair screwed up!