Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[PPP] Free Antivirus Software

Everyone needs antivirus software on his or her personal computer. Our computers have become our lifeline to the outside world. We use them to keep in touch with family and friends around the world, we store our personal data on them, keep our banking records, and in my case a very extensive family tree that took the last 15 years to compile. If a virus were to hit my computer I would be devastated.

I learned of a free Antivirus program that is available for download through Google. What is even more exciting is the program is Norton Security Scan. Norton has been around for many years, and has always been a trusted name. The same can be said about Google. It is wonderful to see a name you can trust in antivirus software being offered by a name you can trust for downloads and other amazing free programs.

Some of the other programs offered in the same google pack that are among my personal favorites are:

Google Picasa
Google Earth
Mozilla Firefox

You kind find out what others are saying as well, as there are some helpful reviews posted as well. You will also find some helpful screenshots as well.

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