Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Friday, March 9, 2007

[PPP] My Recent Decision Regarding Pay Per Post

I recently decided to sign up with Pay Per Post. It was a decision that I had thought for quite some time about. I didn't know if advertising in my blog was something I truly wanted to do. I didn't know if the advertising would detract from my other writings which are topics I take very seriously. Despite this, I started doing some research on the numerous types of blog advertising services, and so far Pay Per Post is the one that made the most sense for me, and my blog. There are many different services to choose from after all, but this was the best fit.

Pay Per Post is a great deal more generous than some of the others. You get to choose what products and services you want to blog about, for one. Being as picky as I am about the products and services I will endorse, this was a big selling factor in my decision.

Secondly, they pass on more of the earnings from the advertiser to the blogger. Pay Per Post only keeps 35% of the revenue, and passes the rest on to those that are blogging about the product or service. Other blog advertising services keep a much greater portion of that revenue. ReviewMe for example keeps 50% for themselves.

I also liked that there are a multitude of different products and services to choose from. This of course goes back to my pickiness factor that I previously mentioned. I won't put my name on something I don't like, or haven't used. I was also amazed that a person could make anywhere from $5.00 per post to $1,000.00 per post. All for writing about a product or service they have tried and liked. People do that everyday and make nothing for it!

The final deciding factor for me was that I didn't have to have a high traffic attracting blog to be able to participate. If you have a high traffic blog however, the new segmentation system has the potential to generously reward you. Very generously.

All of that being said, I hope you enjoy reading my humble blog, and will keep in mind, that if I have endorsed it, that I have tried it, and found it worthy of mention. All of my Pay Per Post blogs will have a disclosure statement of course, as is only right, but also required. Everyone deserves to know that what they are reading is a sponsored ad right?

If you are interested in blogging about the items you enjoy you can learn more by clicking blogging.

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