Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mini Family Reunion

This Saturday a branch of my mother's side of the family got together for a family reunion. It was amazing to see so many arrive, and we had so much fun. Many of those in attendance I had not seen since I was very little, others I had never met before, and there were a few that I still see often (in comparison), but not as often as I would like. It means a lot to me to know that I am a part of such a wonderful family unit. A family that can get together after years apart, and have so much fun. A family that manages to keep in contact over miles and years. I feel stronger knowing that I have all of them in my life.

My husband managed to capture some photos that may help us all remember the good times.

In closing, I have to thank my mother's first cousin and her husband for letting the entire clan invade their home. The food was amazing, the setting was unforgettable, and the hospitality incomparable. Thank you.


Debbie said...

I have not been to a family reunion in years. I should really go, but since both my parents died in 2002 I just don't enjoy them any more. I miss them so very much.

Right Truth

Mrs Xoke said...

I can only imagine. I completely understand why some of the joy isn't there for you anymore, but sometimes I find that it eases my pain to be with those still here. It isn't the same for everyone though. I know that.