Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hypocrisy? Stupidity? Confusion? Or A Little Of All Three?

Here is some video footage from Fox News regarding the protests that occurred today in Arizona. There are aspects of the videos that bother me terribly.

I have no issue with any group who opposes government, for any reason, protesting. It is true that American Citizens are guaranteed the right of peaceful assembly in protest. The assembly must be peaceful, not causing a safety hazard, and if your area requires it, and you will be blocking streets, you must have gathered the needed permits.

I do have an issue with any group who protests anywhere in my country, waving the flag of another country as part of their protest. Especially when that flag represents a country they fled in the process of coming into mine! If the flag of that other country means so much to you, and represents what you want to gain here, then perhaps you shouldn't have left your homeland to begin with.

As far as I am concerned, you enter this country legally, or you get caught and sent back. We have laws in place for a reason. We expect them followed. If you can't follow them, especially the one where you enter legally, we don't want you here. If you enter here legally, and can't follow the other laws, we don't want you here either. We have enough criminals of our own who were born here.

Once here legally, you learn our language. If you don't, you should not expect to have a translator provided for you, nor should you expect to be able to obtain a driver's license by taking the test in your native tongue, or to vote in your native tongue. Life happens in English here. Get used to the idea.

If you are not here legally, and want to see how long you can stay, and not get caught, have a go at it. I can understand that this country makes it very expensive and damn near impossible to enter legally without an attorney. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that you have nothing to loose in your homeland, I can't say I blame you for trying. I really can't. It is still illegal, and you need to be prepared to suffer the consequences. Not only that, but since you are illegal, you can't expect to be able to rent an apartment, find a job, or go on welfare or state aid of any kind. You are not entitled to these things.

Most importantly? Remember that if you are here illegally, you have no rights outside of you human rights. None. You are not a citizen, or a legal resident. You probably aren't even paying taxes. You aren't allowed to vote, and I don't want to hear what you think about our laws, or our politics. When you are a citizen, you can have your say. Not until then.

Now, many in the above video, and in the video below, may be citizens, or here legally. That is fantastic. It really is. What isn't fantastic is that they claim to want to remain here, and can't even wave the right flag. The flag they are waving is the Mexican flag. They are waving the Mexican flag while protesting an American law, while standing on American soil, while claiming that the reason they are protesting this American law is because they and many others want to remain in America, without the threat of racial profiling. (While they broadcast that they are Mexican by waving the Mexican flag!)

Explain something to me. Is this a example of hypocrisy, stupidity, confusion, or a little of all three? If you want to be here, then why aren't you waving the flag of the country you want to be in, are currently in, and proving that America is the country you support, even when you don't agree with this law? Why stand in this country, protesting a law passed in this country, using this country's laws protecting an American's right to protest, all the while waving the flag of a country you were so unhappy with, that you left?

What was that you said? You say that most of the controversial parts of the law were blocked? And they are still protesting? That says it a lot about those protesting doesn't it?

"They got quite a bit yesterday, but they are still not happy with it"

You know what I think? If you don't like it, then why did you come here? If the reasons you came here aren't enough anymore, then leave.