Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best Of In 2011

I thought I would take a look at my most popular posts in 2011, according to Google Analytics. I was surprised by some of them, as they were posted years ago, and not in 2011, yet were still popular. Here they are in count down format in honor of the new year along with links to the blog post in case you think you missed something.

10. Saturday's Super Site - posted 03/24/2007
9. Quote Of The Day - posted 10/04/2009
8. Quote Of The Day - posted 05/11/2011
7. Quote Of The Day - posted 05/03/2011
6. Quote Of The Day - posted 04/22/2011
5. Is Jeff Talking About The View? - posted 03/27/2007
4. Quote Of The Day - posted 05/2/2011
3. One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch - posted 08/06/2010
2. The Importance Of Initiative - posted 06/22/2007

And the most popular in 2011 is:
1. A 17 Pound Baby! - posted 09/27/2007

To Captain Dramatics dismay - none of his made the list. Here is a link to his in case you want to change the tides in his favor for 2012.

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