Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ask Captain Dramatic

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Captain Dramatic is dramatic all the time. Just in different ways, on different days.

He originally earned his name because any little thing that went wrong was the end of the world. He was young at the time, and really hadn't learned any coping skills. He now has a few of those, and rarely has meltdowns on the grand scale he used to.

These days most of his dramatic comes in a different form. A lot of the time, it is silly, fun, amusing, and sometimes from out in left field. I occasionally get lucky and catch a few of these times on video. The following videos are just the few times I have managed to catch his "dramatic" side.

Age six - Have to make sure that is wood not steel.

Age eight - He loves Las Vegas.

Age 11 - Bored? Have a spoon and a rubber band? I know just the answer.

Age 12 - A hungry, kung fu ninja....right.

Age 12 - He might be taller than mom, but he still enjoys make hand animals, and the sounds that go with them.

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