Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ask Captain Dramatic

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We have been working on getting our new house ready to be lived in. A lot of our friends and family know how hard we have worked, and saved, and struggled to reach this goal. We have finally made it! A friend of ours is also moving right now, but he is moving to another state and decided to give us a smoker that he couldn't take with him. It is a very nice smoker, and I am sure we will be making lots of wonderful food with it before long.

During one of our breaks from painting at the new house the following conversation took place.

Dad-E: How do you make beef jerky?
Me: You go to the butcher, and ask for really thin slices of...
CD: (interrupting of course) You get really thin slices of pork...
Me: (my turn to interrupt) Not pork. That would be pork jerky not beef jerky!
CD: Oh.
Dad-E: We can get the pork to snack on while we wait for the beef jerky to finish smoking though.

My boys never stop thinking about food. Especially meat. Hide your livestock.

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