Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts are taught to respect others. They respect those that have earned respect. Not being at the National Scout Jamboree in person, and choosing to be on "The View" with a bunch of old liberal biddies and one conservative, who is often only there to be picked on by the liberal biddies, does not earn respect.

I can say, with relative confidence, that the young men at the National Scout Jamboree this year, have probably accomplished more good works for their communities and the nation, in their short lives, than half of the so called celebrities that appear on TV have in their longer ones.

The scouts didn't do any of their good works by donating to charity either. They did them by working their butts off, and spending the time and making the effort. They make their accomplishments, and they deserve respect and recognition for it. They don't deserve to be passed over for a television spot.

These scouts booed The President because he didn't give them the recognition and respect that they deserve. Because he couldn't be bothered to "grace" them with his presence, and in doing so, deemed them to be less significant.

Of course, they are anything but less significant. They are a large part of this country's future, and I can lay you odds, that they will vote, and they will not forget this. Some of them, will be old enough to vote by the next election, I am sure.

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