Yeah! What she says!

Yeah! What she says!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Because...

Just because we are in a parking lot does not mean you do not have to follow the rules of the road.
Today, on the way to work, I went to McDonald's. I wanted an iced coffee. I pulled into their parking lot and approached the derive through. From the direction I was approaching I would be making a right hand turn to enter. Another car, was coming from the opposite direction, and therefore needing to make a left hand turn to enter the drive through. We arrived at the point where we would make our respective turns at the same exact time. Mine being a right hand turn, and his being a left meant that I had the right-of-way. I took it. He didn't like it.

Just because you are stupid does not mean I have to tolerate it.
This same man decided that, because he didn't like it, that he had the need to yell out his window, "Go right ahead! Stupid broad!" Well, I did have the right-of-way, and no amount of him having tried to race me into the drive through lane, changed that. Crossing over into the on-coming travel lane in an attempt to beat me did not seem to have helped him either. Because of that I am the "stupid broad"? I don't think so. I simply said, "I just did" and kept driving. "I see that!", he replies. I ignored him.

Just because I proceed to ignore you doesn't make me a bitch.
I continued to ignore him. I continued to ignore the rude animal noises he was now making from his car. I continued to ignore the hand gestures I saw him sending my way through my rear-view mirror. Thinking he was funny, instead of an ass, he then yells "What? You are deaf and stupid now bitch!" I put the car in park. I leaned out my window and let him have, with his wife and kids in his car, all three of which were looking thoroughly humiliated before I even opened my mouth to give him a piece of my mind.

"You are really something special aren't you? Such a grown up, and setting such a good example for the children you have in the back seat! You are certainly someone you mother and wife should be proud of aren't you? Why not, right? After all, you are a really big, tough, smart man to be able to make such eloquent animal noises, and use such an extensive, and educated vocabulary! All in the name of righting an injustice you think you have suffered through. Well, I hate to break it to you now that you have had such a time, and put so much effort into proving how clever, smart, and articulate you were in front of the little woman and the kids, but I was making the right hand turn, and not crossing an on-coming traffic lane, so I have right-of-way. In terms you can understand, I get to go first because them there's the rules Billy Bob! Seriously! You can't even comprehend a simple rule of the road, and you are calling me stupid and calling me names? They aren't even original, or exciting names. You have absolutely no imagination to go with all that stupid you are advertising. Seriously? Bitch? You think I haven't heard that? My sister called me that last night. Didn't phase me then either. And I like her! You, I could care less about. Do you think your name calling is really going to bother me? Your family on the other hand looks a bit bothered, ashamed and embarrassed. Instead of worrying about them, you are worried about the fact that there is one person ahead of you in the McDonald's drive through, and doing a piss poor job of driving in your insane rush for your egg McMuffin. And you were calling me stupid..."

I shook my head as I turned back forward and proceeded to pay the lady at the window for my coffee. She commented "You really shut him up!" I replied, "it is only temporary. He will start in on someone else again before the day is out. That is just what truly stupid people do. They are often times too stupid to realize that they are stupid. They spend their entire day thinking they are smart and it is the rest of the world that isn't when they really just need to stop removing their helmets just to lick the windows." She laughed, and I sighed, because it was at that moment that I realized that the jerk behind me was probably going to take out his failures, and even more of his stupid on his wife and kids.

Just because I have no patience, does not mean they should have to suffer. For that I am sorry.

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